New to the Blog World


Well… Here I am, a new found, self-proclaimed….blogger. That’s right. Didn’t think it would EVER happen. Typically I write my thoughts in a journal and reflect that way. But I guess this is similiar, it’s just available to all who are willing to take the time to read it.

This summer God has given me such a tremendous opportunity to serve alongside our youth ministry and specifically reach out and disciple the high school girls. To say I am absolutely LOVING it is an understatement! It all started with HS camp, then MS camp, and now we are doing Monday night Bible studies through the book of 1 Peter. It has been amazing, and God has been using this time to draw me closer to Himself as I lead others to do the same.

My heart, passion, burden, and goal in life is to glorify God by the way that I live. It is my understanding that if He was finished using me, He would have called me Home as soon as I received salvation. However, I know He is not finished with me, and I am thrilled to get to be a part of His story. God has given me a unique passion for high school girls. Maybe it’s because they are not afraid to be themselves, tell you how they feel, or completely allow themselves to get wrapped up in the most dramatic situations, just for fun. Even though this age group gets a lot of flack from adults these days, I know that they are much more potential and heart than they are given credit for. Teenage girls are fully capable to understand the Gospel, share it with others, grow DEEP in God’s Word, and live their lives above reproach. It is my desire to run alongside them, to encourage them, and to help equip them to be Biblical women of God, who find their trust and satisfaction in Jesus Christ alone.


That’s why I am here. That’s why I am doing this internship. That’s why I’m investing my time. Because I believe the Lord has a great work to do among the high school girls, specifically of FBCW. It’s time we step up to the plate and allow God to amaze us through our obedience to His calling.

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