The new and improved!

My blog was stale. I realize this. Even though no one verbally communicated that to me, I knew it all along, but kept putting off making it better. However, time is on my side today so I figured a little sprucing up was in order. I’m not positive that this is the final layout, title, or set-up, but it’ll do until I think of something better.

Again, I’m not much of a blogger, but I might as well try to make use of it since I’ve got one now. Plus, when the Lord is teaching me so much, why would I not want to share it with the world?!


Right now we are t-minus 29 hours from the High School Girls Retreat. It’s taken tons of planning and preparation, but we’re almost there and I’m PUMPED! The Lord is up to BIG things and I can’t wait to see what He whips out during this short weekend. I’m confident that the students won’t be the only ones being challenged. Even in my preparation for the one session I’ll be teaching, the Lord has been reminding me of His faithfulness and ability to answer prayer. He has been working behind the scenes, in front of the scenes, and all throughout the scenes. Just get ready to hear about what takes place this weekend as we watch and participate in the things the Lord has planned for us!

Please join us in praying for every person going on this retreat. All the students and all the adults. We’re waiting expectantly for the Lord to chizzle away the flesh and replace it with more of Himself!

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