New Year, New Goals.

Well with every new year comes a new set of goals. Some people like to call these “New Years Resolutions” and they usually primarily revolve around losing weight, getting into shape, yadda yadda yadda. But also attached to new years resolutions is the fear and predictability of breaking those resolutions, once again. That’s why I’m pushing myself to a new journey of not making “resolutions,” but of setting goals. I want to see things accomplished in my life. And I want to see them tangibly, year by year.

So with that being said, if making resolutions and setting goals wasn’t scary enough, posting a picture is pure suicide. Or you can call it accountability. Whichever you prefer.

These are my broad goals for the year. And as you can see, the things I want to accomplish by the end of the year actually stop in April. So as time passes, I plan to continue to add to this list.

1. Daily Goals

  • 30 minutes in Bible Study every day. I’m starting a new study with my Bible study group called “A Divided Heart, a Divided Nation.” It’s a study that takes you through 1 Kings and 1 Chronicles, learning about the kings and prophets of the Old Testament. I’m SO excited about this study. I know it will be a rich study in the Word.
  • Spend at least 20-30 minutes in prayer. Call me a baby Christian, but this one is still really hard for me. I get so busy, just like everyone else, and put concentrated prayer on the back burner. But I know you can only truly grow to be more like Jesus if you have a heart like His and He was known for going away to a secluded place to spend time in prayer with the Father.

2. Weekly Goals

  • Pray with Matt 3-4 times a week for an hour at a time. I am so blessed with a godly husband who leads me and really has a heart to love Jesus and strive hard after Him.We pray together every day, but want to dig deeper in our prayer life together, spending quality time going before the throne together.
  • Run and train 3-4 times a week. This one is completely related to training for the half marathon I’m running in April. Thankfully, I have a training schedule that is going to keep me accountable. Staring at me from the dresser.
  • Blog once a week. This one is mainly for fun for me. I love writing and expressing myself through words, so I’m going to do my best to make myself sit down once a week and work on this blog. And its YOUR responsibility to keep me accountable for that one!

3. Monthly Goals

  • Read one book a month. Many people have this goal. And I’ve made this a goal many times before. NEVER STUCK TO IT. So since lots of people make this a goal for the year, and I’m doing it again, let’s just make it a reality together.
  • Memorize Colossians 3. I was supposed to memorize this my junior year of college. And being honest, I got bits and pieces. So I’m determined to commit this to memory once and for all. Matt’s going to memorize it with me so we can hold each other accountable! Accountability = more likelihood to accomplish anything in life.

4. Year-End Goals

  • And last but not least (for now) my goal is to run the Nashville Rock ‘n Roll Half-Marathon on April 28th. This goal is probably pushing me the hardest out of my comfort zone than any of my others, but I’m praying the Lord allows me to learn discipline through training, and accomplishment through crossing that finish line. I. Can’t. Wait. 

Those are my goals so far! What are some of your goals for this year? How are you planning to make them a reality? I would love to hear about them so that I can be encouraged that I’m not alone!

2 thoughts on “New Year, New Goals.

  1. Crimson,
    I love this! You have inspired me, once again. Look for some goals for me, too. So, once your Sunday school teacher, always your Sunday school teacher…how are they going so far? 🙂

    • The goals are going alright so far. I’m actually pleased with my progress is most areas. My Bible study is going great. My focused prayer time needs some work still. And praying with Matt has grown, but not as much as I hope it will continue to grow. The running is going great, I’m loving that! How are you doing?

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