For the Love of Coffee

When I was a sophomore in college at Liberty University, I started drinking coffee for the first time. Before then, I would occasionally drink the fancy drinks like consisting of solely sugary frappucinos. But once the reality of college set in, the research papers, intense finals, and hours of homework taking place in the middle of the night, I adapted my taste buds to the beautiful thing that is COFFEE. I’ve come a long way and can drink it any way you give it to me now, with the exception of black, because let’s be honest…I’ve got nothing to prove.

With that being said, when we bought our house, the very first thing I got finished as far as home projects go, was our brand spanking new COFFEE STATION! I got my inspiration via Pinterest (because who is creative on their own anymore?) and made this dream a reality.

My friend Chelsea and I painted the wall behind it a nice mocha accent color, and my handy-man father-in-law installed an outlet behind the cabinet. After that we were ready to put everything together!


My sweet grandmother got us the Keurig as our housewarming gift and I started picking up all the other pieces of the station a little bit at a time!

coffee station

The wire shelf, the underneath baskets, and the decor came from the wonderful world of Hobby Lobby. The table came from Home Goods, and the canisters were found at IKEA! I absolutely LOVE how it turned out, and it was definitely worth the investment because we use it Every. Single. Day. I love how it completes our kitchen and acts as a nice transition area between the breakfast area and the living room. Perfect for easy access to coffee in the morning, and a nice cup of tea for lounging on the couch at night! If you’re thinking of creating a coffee station in your home, I highly recommend it! It’s probably going to be in every home of ours from now on. Mmmm….coffee πŸ™‚


73 thoughts on “For the Love of Coffee

    • Thank you! We just happened to have the perfect wall for it but I’m sure with a few alterations you could make it fit in a different sized space! Let me know if you try it!

    • Thank you! I got the table from Home Goods! Their stuff usually filters out pretty quickly but usually they always have similar styles. The baskets underneath I got separately at Hobby Lobby. They didn’t come with the table.

  1. I just did this this morning … I used and old book shelf and added baskets – didn’t have to shop I just used stuff I had around the house … My husband liked it very much and it cleared up counter and cabinet space ! Thanks for the inspiration

  2. Love your coffee station and the entire idea…I even LOVE the color of the wall it is on. Could you share the paint name? Thanks

    • Kandy,
      I’m so sorry it took me so long to respond to you! I’ve been trying to find the paint color name! I found the color on Pinterest at

      I just asked the employees at Sherwin Williams to give me a paint sample with the code she has taken a picture of and it was the perfect amount for that wall. They told me that it would look a little different if I were to get it in the exact sheen that was listed on her receipt, but since I was painting such a small space I decided to risk it and I’m still totally pleased with how it came out!

  3. How perfect! I also graduated from Liberty University. I just got married in April and my husband and I were searching Pinterest for coffee bar ideas and stumbled upon your’s! Small world πŸ™‚

  4. Weird question…. We totally have the same shelf from Hobby Lobby (LOVE that place) but I can’t hang it up 😦 it seems to need studs and ours must be too far apart or something. Lol how did you hang your? Any special tips? Thank you and I adore your coffee bar!!

    • Jolene,
      It’s such a great shelf! My husband actually hung it (he’s the handy man, I just tell him where it goes) and he said he had to anchor both sides and then screw it into the anchors so that it would hold. It’s a heavy shelf and then if you’re adding stuff to it you’ve gotta make sure it won’t fall! I hope that helps cause its just too great a shelf to not be able to use!

      • Finally got it up earlier this week! It took a lot more work than I thought (I think we have the worst walls in the worlds!). We did have to anchor one side and I moved it over so we could hit a stud for the other side. Loving it so far πŸ™‚ Not to mention I am getting to decorate AND my hubby got me new, bigger, coffee mugs! Yay! Thanks for getting back to me.

      • Jolene that’s so great! I’m glad you were able to make it work! All the work pays off when you get to use it every day AND it’s pretty to look at πŸ™‚ and yay for new coffee mugs! Way to go, hubby!

  5. I love it, you have totally inspired me to do this!!! I love coffee so this is perfect. I have a question? What is that kind of table called and how tall is it? Thanks so much!!! Looks awesome!

  6. Out of curiosity, what do you have in the canisters, drawers & baskets? I love this idea, but have no room in the kitchen…we do have space in the bedroom though…

    • Heidi,
      In the canisters I have raw sugar, coffee grounds, apple cider mix, and tea bags. In the draws I have K-cups, extra tea bags, honey, and extra coffee grounds. And in the baskets underneath I have more storage for my extra K-cups I’ve bought in bulk, or coffee filters, boxes of sugar, etc. so whenever I run out up top, I just refill from the bottom! It makes it very handy without having to store those things in my pantry.

  7. Well I have had no luck finding anything close to this 😦 would u do me a big favor? Give me the exact measurements as I am going to just have a little table like this built. Thanks so much!! H X W X D thanks in advance sorry to be a bother. You have been so helpful!!!

  8. I went to hobby lobby and they still have the shelf waiting on it going on sale should be next week. I am so making a coffee station thanks sooooooo much love it.

    • Hi Missy, the mugs themselves or the shelf they are hanging on? The mugs are from Macy’s as a part of a dining set and the shelf is from Hobby Lobby in their metal section! Hope that answered your question!

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  11. very cute! when I seen this, I told myself that this is my next project. the downside is, I don’t have a handyman to put a socket plug. but, I will surely figure something out:) thanks for the great idea!

  12. This came into my feed, and then I got side-tracked… looking at a BUNCH of coffee bars. Yours is the best – out of – let’s say- a hundred or so! It is pleasing to the eye, it is welcoming and (important!) functional. Reasonably priced and not a week long project. Kudos! I really like it. NOTE: I’M NOT A COFFEE DRINKER! Hahaha!
    But my husband and most of our guests are, so I do have them a space on my counter πŸ™‚
    But this might inspire me to make it pretty. Thanks for a great look, well done.

    • I’m so glad you found it! We love it and use it alllllll the time. I bought the table about two years ago at home goods. I’m sure you could find something similar there or tj maxx or hobby lobby! Good luck!

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  14. Where did you get that table I have been looking everywhere for something similar and just can’t find anything! Please help

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  17. I’ve been looking to do something like this! I love the idea and your execution is beautiful. We don’t have much extra space. Do you know the dimensions of your table?

  18. This is such an awesome idea! I feel like our Keurig takes up half our counter space, along with the creamers and coffee, etc. And in our house counter space is hard to come by. I wish we had the room for this! I will certainly keep something like this in mind when we go to purchase our house next year! Thank you so much for posting!

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