Doing a New Thing

This post is going to be short and sweet. I just wanted to share a new thing the Lord is doing in my heart. As a recap, Matt and I have been feeling very busy for the past two years. He started working 60+ hours a week during football and lacrosse season, and I have been working full time as well. We’ve been very involved with our Sunday School class and teaching high school Sunday School as well. We’ve also bought a house and been working on getting unpacked and settled in. We’ve travelled a whole lot for weddings and seeing family. It’s been crazy!

Unfortunately, when we get busy, we tend to drop things. The most important things. Like spending quality time with the Lord and investing in our relationship with Him. We began feeling convicted that everything was taking priority over sitting and allowing ourselves enough time to hear from the Lord. So we’ve had to look at our schedules and our lives and ask where we can create some margins.

It was hard. But after many months of prayer and talking through it, the verse God kept bringing me back to was “be still and know that I am God.” I think I do well with the whole “know that I am God” part, but it’s the “be still” I’ve been missing, and therefore essentially have been missing out on really knowing God. As a result, we’ve decided to step down as Sunday School teachers. It was a super hard decision because we both LOVE it so much. But we began to feel like we weren’t able to give our best to the students because we weren’t feeding ourselves with the Word first. It’s impossible to give to someone else what you don’t possess yourself. So we are taking a break from teaching in order to really focus on our relationships with the Lord foremost, and then on quality time in our marriage next. The Lord is so faithful and has been so good to us, so we don’t want to miss out on all that He has for our lives by being so distracted by our normal “routine.”

I’m SO excited for this next season with the Lord and with my husband. One of our friends called it, “addition by subtraction,” and that’s exactly what it is. By subtracting something in our schedules, we’ve been able to have some margins to add really spending time with the Lord and with one another. I can honestly say that in the few short weeks since we decided to step down, we have already seen such spiritual breakthrough. I am amazed at the Lord for the way He honors obedience. I’m so thankful that His guidance was clear and that He continues to affirm that this was His leading in our lives.

I would encourage any of you who may be feeling the same way (like you don’t have any spare moments), to take a good look at your schedule and sincerely ask the Lord if He wants to move some things around. Maybe He does, maybe He doesn’t. Maybe He just wants you to give your schedule to Him and trust Him with the results. Whatever the outcome, I know you won’t be disappointed if you do what He asks you to do. He is faithful. Take some time to enjoy Him and find that out first hand!

2 thoughts on “Doing a New Thing

  1. Thank you for sharing your heart Crimson! I love reading your posts and this is a great message with universal application. I know this was a difficult decision for you both, but I applaud you for taking the time and pray to figure out God’s best.

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