Chelsea & Ryan: 2nd Anniversary

A couple of weeks ago my best friend, Chelsea, asked me if I would be interested in doing a photo shoot for her and her husband’s wedding anniversary that was coming up. Instead of going away for the weekend, they had a brilliant idea to each plan a day of activities for them to enjoy together. Chelsea’s day was Saturday, Ryan’s on Sunday. That way, they could surprise each other all day and still celebrate the entire weekend, while at the same time making awesome memories. Brilliant, I tell ya. So for part of Chelsea’s day she wanted to surprise Ryan with a photo shoot. She might have been more excited than him, but he assures us that he was excited too.

Anyway, I was so excited to get the opportunity to do this. I’ve been looking for ways to practice using my new DSLR, and what better way than to photograph you’re best friend?? They can’t get mad at you if you produce less than stellar pictures. It was SO much fun to capture their love and flirtiness with each other. So without further ado, their anniversary shoot!

2013-08-28_0029 2013-08-28_0030 2013-08-28_0031

2013-08-28_0032 2013-08-28_0033

Love this one right before the kiss.

2013-08-28_0034 2013-08-28_0035 2013-08-28_0036

I don’t even remember what warranted this pose, but of course I had to include it!

2013-08-28_0037 2013-08-28_0038 2013-08-28_0039

Chelsea, you’re beautiful.

2013-08-28_0040 2013-08-28_0041 2013-08-28_0042 2013-08-28_0043 2013-08-28_0044

Ryan finally got the hang of that “serious” look we were going for!

2013-08-28_0045 2013-08-28_0046

Chelsea mastered the look like a pro.


One of my favorite shots. The sun finally decided to come out and cooperate!

2013-08-28_0048 2013-08-28_0049

My absolute favorite from the day!


Hahaha this just happened spontaneously. Quite reminiscent of the classic “brother/sister” pose we all had to take for Olan Mills growing up.

2013-08-28_0051 2013-08-28_0052 2013-08-28_0053 2013-08-28_0054

Ryan and Chelsea, thank you for the privilege of photographing your 2nd anniversary! Your marriage is a beautiful picture of the Gospel and I’m blessed to call you friends. Happy Anniversary!

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