For the Love of Coffee

When I was a sophomore in college at Liberty University, I started drinking coffee for the first time. Before then, I would occasionally drink the fancy drinks like consisting of solely sugary frappucinos. But once the reality of college set in, the research papers, intense finals, and hours of homework taking place in the middle of the night, I adapted my taste buds to the beautiful thing that is COFFEE. I’ve come a long way and can drink it any way you give it to me now, with the exception of black, because let’s be honest…I’ve got nothing to prove.

With that being said, when we bought our house, the very first thing I got finished as far as home projects go, was our brand spanking new COFFEE STATION! I got my inspiration via Pinterest (because who is creative on their own anymore?) and made this dream a reality.

My friend Chelsea and I painted the wall behind it a nice mocha accent color, and my handy-man father-in-law installed an outlet behind the cabinet. After that we were ready to put everything together!


My sweet grandmother got us the Keurig as our housewarming gift and I started picking up all the other pieces of the station a little bit at a time!

coffee station

The wire shelf, the underneath baskets, and the decor came from the wonderful world of Hobby Lobby. The table came from Home Goods, and the canisters were found at IKEA! I absolutely LOVE how it turned out, and it was definitely worth the investment because we use it Every. Single. Day. I love how it completes our kitchen and acts as a nice transition area between the breakfast area and the living room. Perfect for easy access to coffee in the morning, and a nice cup of tea for lounging on the couch at night! If you’re thinking of creating a coffee station in your home, I highly recommend it! It’s probably going to be in every home of ours from now on. Mmmm….coffee 🙂


Future Renney House!

Most people have already heard the news, but Matt and I officially are under contract for our first house!

After living with my parents for the past 6 months, the Lord has graciously opened the door for us to buy in a new construction neighborhood in north Canton! It’s amazing how everything has fallen into place, and we are so excited for this new opportunity. God has given us the means to be able to save consistently for our first home and all the pieces have fallen into place. Our new home is currently under construction and we are scheduled to close in March of 2013. Even though that’s still a few months out, we are grateful for the extra added months of adding to our savings and down payment. The Lord has made it so clear that this is where He desires for us to live, and we are so excited to use this home for His purposes and glory. It is our prayer that this home will be dedicated to Jesus and open to whatever use He sees fit! Can’t wait to share more as the process moves along!